Troy Lum - Producer / PARTNER

Troy founded Australia/New Zealand’s leading independent distributor, Hopscotch Films, which expanded into Entertainment One Asia-Pacific, and over many years in the industry, Lum has successfully acquired and released hundreds of local and international titles. A decision to focus more on producing led to the founding of Hopscotch Features - a joint venture with writer John Collee and producer Andrew Mason.

He executive produced the multi-award winning Charlie's Country, Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks with Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, Bruce Beresford’s Mao's Last Dancer, Matt Okine's Stan original comedy series The Other Guy and Rachel Ward’s Palm Beach.

Troy Lum produced Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner and most recently Nekrotronic from the Roache-Turner brothers.



Andrew produced Alex Proyas’ sci-fi masterpiece Dark City in 1998 and served as producer or EP for many US studio pictures including the Waschowskis' The Matrix and its sequels, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions.

He has produced numbers of Australian films, including Swimming Upstream, Danny Deckchair and Stuart Beattie’s Tomorrow When the War Began, the Romanian-based film Cave, and the Canadian-produced Silent Hill from French director Christophe Gans.

Returning to Australia to join forces with Troy Lum and John Collee at Hopscotch Features, he produced Adoration from French director Anne Fontaine, I, Frankenstein, in partnership with Lakeshore Entertainment, Saving Mr. Banks, and the multi-award winning, The Water Diviner, Russell Crowe’s directorial debut.

Andrew Mason most recently produced Nekrotronic from the Roache-Turner brothers, which had its World Premiere at Midnight Madness at the Toronto Film Festival 2018 and will be distributed by Entertainment One.



Maeva brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and international connections to Hopscotch Features. Maeva’s previous roles include Co-Head of Worldwide Acquisitions and Co-Productions The Weinstein Co (TWC), and French consultant for TWC on such films as The Artist, Untouchables, Silver Lining Playbooks and Philomena.

Maeva is also an independent producer through her partnerships with Source Films in France and M&A in Brazil, where she is developing local productions.